Dissatisfied with the story of her life, frustrated by her business, she yearns for something she can’t quite place. A whisper of an adventure, dancing just out of reach.

She is an alchemist by trade, crafting potions and elixirs to heal common ailments. She is the only alchemist for miles, yet the townspeople do not come to her. Her nights are plagued with a single question playing on loop: How do I get them to notice me?

Standing at the edge of the ocean, our Hero receives her Call to Adventure, in discovering a forgotten journal, left out as if for her to find.

The forgotten journal tells of a treasure sought by alchemists down through the ages. The Abundance Stone. The key ingredient to a secret Elixir that holds the power to transform ideas into gold.

The Lost Alchemist’s Journal contains a map to this treasure. A promise of a better life at the end of the road. As we follow our Hero’s tale, her journey to a satisfying life and business, your own journey unfolds. Using a pattern for spiritual awakening that is as old as myth itself, you are guided on a Hero’s Journey of self-discovery to creatively express your unique magic through your business and magnetize your dream clients to you.

Harnessing the power of myth, you will craft a Hero’s Journey for your dream client that guides them from discovering you to the transformation you offer through your business. On your Hero’s Journey, you will be led from your Ordinary World of your current reality, into The Special World, where you will discover the truth of who you truly are.

All great stories have a Villain, a dark entity that threatens to extinguish the light of The Hero. The Villain we face in our journeys has but one name: The Ego.

Once our protector, The Ego has become distorted, wounded by the tests and traumas of our life experience. Fed by fear, The Ego believes it keeps you safe by paralyzing your efforts to awaken to your true potential. As long you believe you are separate from the reality you wish to experience, your dream life, The Ego has a hold on you.

To defeat this Villain, you must go on a journey inward, to the center of your soul. You will require items for your quest, like all Heroes do. You will be equipped with spiritual tools for your awakening, gifted at the precise moment you will need it. Ancient Sanskrit Mantras to invoke the aid of divine energies, Chakra Tuning Frequencies to heal the wounds of The Ego by harmonizing your energy to the purest vibrations of creation itself, and Soul Excavation Work to uncover the magic buried deep within.


With each lesson you complete, you will unlock a new chapter of our story, and with it, discover a new Quest Item that will aid you in vanquishing your Villain. Journey to Your Dream Biz is an interactive, flow-at-your-own-pace course for spiritual entrepreneurs. I welcome all Heroes who seek to magnetize their dream client to them through the creative expression of their unique magic. Heroes who have an idea they want to transform into a business, and Heroes who wish to refine their existing business to align with their soul’s desire, are welcome aboard this vessel.

It’s time to awaken the Rogue Spirit within, Hero. This is your Call to Adventure. Will you answer The Call?

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