02 Hero's Journey

Every Hero’s Journey is unique to The Hero, because every Hero is unique. Your magic, your message, has been covered by “coulds” and “shoulds,” and lies buried deep within your soul. To unearth this treasure, you must go on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

The Hero’s Journey is our map to this treasure. It is the pattern a Hero’s transformation takes, each step bringing you closer to the goal – awakening, self-discovery, enlightenment. It is a pattern that has transcended time, space, and culture, present in Hero Myths down through the ages, and in modern films such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, The Matrix, and even Moana.

I have used The Hero’s Journey to craft a path to awaken to your Spirit, that powerful magic within, and infuse it into your business so that it becomes a vessel for your creative expression and life of abundance. On this journey, you be equipped with spiritual tools:

Ancient Sanskrit Mantras to tune yourself to the frequency of abundance, compassion, divine love and creation itself. Chakra Frequencies to harmonize your personal energy system with the power of the universe. Soul Excavation to uncover the magic within you that is begging to be released.

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